2013 – Year in Review: Looking Back

A good teacher of mine told me that he would review his whole yearly journal on the last weekend of the year. He said that “It feels like replaying a year of your life. Isn’t that an interesting movie to watch?”

I wanted to dedicate the last Saturday of 2013 to reflect on all our meaningful conversations that occurred during the year.

I got to admit, the discussion and feedback from some of you made me realize some perspectives that I would not have otherwise.

Here is a quick summary of the insights and experiences I shared with you;

  1. January – Reason Why You Won’t Be The Person You Wish To Be 
  2. January – Your Wolf-Pack’s Influence and Association 
  3. February – How do you view the World?
  4. February – Wealth of Wisdom from a trip to the Dentist
  5. Many – Have you ever thought about thinking while thinking? 
  6. June – Are you letting stereotyping of school distort your thinking?
  7. July – What a chronic depression victim taught me about technology
  8. September – Why do I blog anyways?
  9. October – Mistakes that have taught me a life worth of lessons 
  10. December – Why I want to be a Kid Again 

Below is the brief summary of the insights and experiences you shared with me;

  1. Researching too much is a form of procrastination
  2. People are interested in stories and not just insights
  3. We tend to open up to people who have gone through similar experiences
  4. Why writing about something is the best way to articulate a solution
  5. The first step is never easy but rest are much easier
  6. Our biggest problems are created ourselves in our head
  7. Its impossible to please everyone
  8. There would be no successes without failures
  9. Emotions are “action signals”. They must be acted upon and not ignored.

That teacher, Mr. Tim, had a profound impact on how I viewed time. The way he valued his time spent made me reconsider how to get most out of the time spent. His personality had a more profound impact on me than his academic teachings.

In the next post, I will share how I plan to make 2014 an even more insightful year for us!

Again, many thanks for your insights and discussion. We simply could not have learned these valuable lessons without each other’s insights 🙂

PS: Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

PPS: As always, I look forward to your feedback and insights regarding 2013!

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