2014: Going Forward

[quote]“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” — Cavett Robert[/quote]

From 2013: Looking Back and your feedback, I realized there are things that I can (always) improve on going into 2014. 

Blog Improvements

  1. Design & Code: As you many have already noticed, the site is re-designed. So you can enjoy reading instead of waiting it to load. Thanks for all the complaints and my apologies for the trouble.
  2. Blog Frequency: I plan to blog every Saturday morning. I realized that more I write, the better I am able to articulate stuff.
  3. eBooks: Publish the half completed eBooks that have been sitting on my local hard drive. These include learnings from startup failures and wisdom nuggets extracted from various everyday life experiences.

On Going Improvements

There will always be room for marginal improvement in everything that we do. I hope to achieve those via self-reflections.

With the lessons learned from my mistakes, I hope to more critically evaluate the endeavours ahead. At the same time, I must not be afraid of making mistakes but rather find a way to profit from them.

I look forward to sharing my lessons and insights from 2014.

[box] Enough about me, what will you improve on in 2014?[/box]


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