30 Days of Being EXTRA Kind to Others

On a very typical day many years ago, I was sitting in the library with my head down to cram for the upcoming exam. Caught up in my own worries and fears, I failed to notice a high school classmate who could have benefited from my kindness – or at the very least acknowledgement. Luckily though, he came around the second time and this time I made the contact that I should have the first time around. You can read the rest of the story here.

Why I am developing the habit of being extra Kind

That day before leaving the library, I took some time to reflect in my daily journal about how encounters like these made me happier and feel good about myself.

Therefore, before wrapping up my notes for the day I made a note in my journal to do 30-day experiment of being extra kind to make others feel good and happier along with myself – a win-win!

From my observation of the times when I really helped someone else I realized that it was as simple as 1-2-3 (but hard to put into practice);

  1. Notice – Look around and see if you can be kind to people
  2. Smile – Make yourself approachable and friendly
  3. Help – When you see it, try to help them

For example, one day a lady spilled coffee on herself as she was hurriedly on-boarding the train. I took notice as I was paying attention to my surroundings (instead of on an inhumane screen). I took out some napkins and gave a smile. She gladly accepted them and cleaned the coffee spillage.

How is being extra kind to other going so far?

After many years of practising being kind to others, I have realized and appreciate its difficulties.

As humans we have egos, jealousy, and other emotional factors that sometimes make it very difficult for us to be kind to others and be openhearted. Therefore, I believe regular practice and meditation of being kind to others unconditionally is the key to the success of this habit.

I hope to share lessons learned and more tips as I continue to apply this 30 day experiment habit in my day to day life.

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