30 Days of Positive Self Talk

Yup! I talked to myself for 30-days.

With the month ending, March’s 30-day experiment of Positive Self-Talk comes to an end too!

Why did I choose this experiment? Quick story time.

It was a regular Monday morning and my two little nieces of age 1 and 2 came to visit me (They make me want to be a kid again!). Even though they were downstairs and I was upstairs working, they like to run around and yell gibberish – like typical kids do. So, to eliminate their noise I started talking out loud to myself.

What EXACTLY did I do each day for 30-days?

I did positive self-talk out loud – “Jawwad, you are going to write this email and then go make that call like a boss! xD”.

Results of 30-Days of Positive Self-Talk

I must say, this has been one of my most FUN 30-day experiment! I am even talking out loud as I write this!

This is how positive self-talk helped me;

P.S: Do try this at home and in public (ignore if people stare!) 🙂

Until next month’s experiment!

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