This page is exclusively for my friends and readers that want to overcome life obstacles, bring lasting change and live a meaningful life. Here I share how I have used daily journals as a companion to be "forever learning". 

Jawwad Siddiqui
The Daily Journal Guy

Here's how keeping a daily journal allowed me to consistently improve my life โ€“ after being frustrated with 100s of self-help books and multiple failed attempts at keeping a journal

If you finally want to take control of your life without reading another big self-help book that gets you nowhere and without feeling like no matter what you do for personal development it doesnโ€™t bring lasting change, then, this could be the most important page you will read about daily journals

5 Years of Daily Journals

My Daily Journals from 2012-2016 (I am still at it!)

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This blog post is in-response to my answer on Quora – Why is it a good habit to maintain a daily journal?

Last week, I answered a question on quora which ended up helping about 160,000+ people – I am very thankful for that.

This post is to answer follow-up questions regarding journal’s structure to help more people develop the habit of keeping a daily journal.

Why Daily Journals and Me

It all dates back to about 7 years ago, when my teacher taught me the most insightful lesson about life – always be constantly learning and improving and to “grow” through life not just go.

Therefore, I took on daily journal as a personal development experiment and have kept it ever since.

My Goal Since 2012 with Daily Journals: Live each day at the optimal psychological state to add value to people around me.

My daily journal template has changed over the 5 years. Below is my the template I currently practice;

6-Steps for Keeping Empowering Daily Journals

I am very happy to share what I have learned over these 5+ years about keeping empowering daily journals from successful people. Please enter your email below so I can email it to you asap (plus: some personal tips)!

I will share all my learnings to-date and more as I go!

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