6 Online Tools for Keeping a Daily Journal

One of the most frequently asked questions and hardest to figure out is what online tool should I use to keep a daily journal? In this article I won’t discuss the pros and cons of keeping an online journal vs a physical journal because none of them have a clear winner.

For example, I find myself in front a computer for most of the day so keeping a physical journal is a break from the “digital world” as well as gives me time to use my hands to write and reflect.

If you are wanting to to explore online tools for keeping your daily journal,  below is a list of awesome tools you should certainly check out.

Before we begin, they are not listed in any priority or criteria (maybe I will evaluate each of them in the future). I have online tried evernote and onenote (and email and google docs offcourse!).

1. Evernote

Evernote is very well known for keeping and organize notes across all your devices – mobile and desktop. Even though I don’t use it for keeping a daily journal, I do use it to organize my notes and thoughts about other topisc such as writing this blog post for you!

Here is a screenshot of an awesome subscriber who sent me a picture of how he is using evernote to keep a daily journal using the format he learned from here;

Daily Journal using Evernote 2. OneNote

OneNote is my most used note-taking application! It is extremely robust and has more than enough features for keeping a daily journal. Again, I don’t use it for the daily journal purposes but do lots of planning and writing on this application!

3. DiaroApp

An app I recently got found on the web when doing some research for this article. Give it a try if other applications have not been sufficient.

4. Penzu

Penzu is another unique application for keeping a daily journal. Their focus is a bit different than other note or journal applications. I know a friend who worked for this company and the founders are extremely dedicated to making this application better! Thus, do give it a try and let me know how you like it!

5. Mac Notes or DayOne

These two application are for Mac only (mac users always get beautifully designed applications while PC users are getting used to mediocre looking applications).

If you are a Mac user, do check these two out!

7. Google Docs

Yes, good old google docs can work just fine too. You can get creative with it too if you want. For example, create new docs for each month or just start one google sheet that will go on forever.

I have not found this way very accessible (i-e quickly being able to write something down) but feel free to give it a go!

8. Email

I am sure you can already tell the limitations of using email for keeping a daily journal. One idea is to create a new email address e.g yourname-dailyjournal@gmail.com and send an email to it everyday in the morning and at night or whatever your timings for writing the journal are!

Otherwise, you could just simply email yourself everyday! Only try this option if you are sending emails 24/7 and do not like using many different apps.

9. Microsoft Word or Pages (Mac)

The word processing applications on your computer are more than enough to get you started. So do open up Microsoft words or Mac Pages and try it out for keeping a daily journal.

Again, the goal is to make your daily journal as simple as possible so you are not clicking or looking around for your journal! Don’t spend too much time exploring all of them but pick one that works best and then stick to it.

What online tool do you use for keeping a daily journal? Please share your ideas and feedback in the comments below 🙂

2 comments On 6 Online Tools for Keeping a Daily Journal

  • So what about keeping an audio or even a video daily journal?
    There are numerous free programs that could easily be used on a PC or tablet
    such as Audacity or Goldwave for audio. Just open the program, start a new
    recording file which might be as simple as the date or have a topic title,
    then just talk till your heart’s content.There is virtually no file size limit and
    .aud or mp3 files are condensed – taking up relatively little memory file size.
    For video, you can use any program which is installed on your PC or tablet.
    Open the corresponding program, adjust the selfie image you can see, hit “record” and start talking, interacting of what have you, documenting your thoughts, ideas and such.
    You can even record signs, documents or other visual materials to enrich your video journal
    entry – just hold whatever the document or piece of realia up to include it on the video recording and it’s included as a part of your daily video journal entry. Go ahead, ham it up as much (or as little) as you like. It’s your journal – enjoy it! So, what do you think?

    • Prof. Lynch, those are some very insightful thoughts. Doing an audio or video are certainly very good way of journaling as it involves and engages more emotions and memories! You can do audio or video recording in evernote too!

      I usually find myself audio recording some lessons learned (professional or personal) via evernote! I recommend anyone reading this comment to try audio or video and see how they like it? For me, after fives years of journaling, I have become accustomed to a pre-determined format that I shared with you guys and writing it out is the best way for me. I do use audio / video for other things.

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