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Project - LookBookHQ

Overview of Product Management at LookBookHQ Below, I will capture the project fundamentals (what, why, how etc) of being a Product Manager at LookBookHQ so that I can apply the forever learning principles to this project. What? I am currently working as a Product Manager at LookBookHQ. Why Product Manager at LookBookHQ? I am excited about pursuing this project for three reasons; Build upon learnings from SharpScholar Project – The core-product at LookBookHQ solves an identical job for its users. However,

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Coding Projects

Project Type: Self-Taught Coding Projects Project Story: It started from writing simple HTML to creating this blog to creating software product. This page is dedicated all the coding projects that help me build things to bring my ideas to life. Most of my code is shared publicly on github; Github: Current Coding Project (as of Feb 2017): e-commerce 2

Checkout 51

Overview of Product Management at Checkout 51 Let me start by clarifying the project fundamentals (i-e what, when, and why) of my work at Checkout 51. What? After shutting down my previous software startup, I wanted to continue building my career in product management in a different environment so I joined Checkout 51 (acquired by News America Marketing) as a product manager. Why Checkout 51? I decided to join Checkout 51 because of my interest in the intersection of retail, consumer product goods (CPG), and consumers.

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Project Type: Full-Time Startup (2014-2016) Project Story: I want to combine my business school education and interest in building products in a challenging project, thus, the team and I build SharpScholar from an idea to $100,000 annual recurring revenue in less than 12 months. This page serves as a place where I will post my learnings and reflections from this project. SharpScholar’s Unique Value Proposition: For teachers who need visual representation of their student’s understanding, our software, SharpScholar, acts as a virtual teaching

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Android Apps

Unique Value Proposition – Android Apps For individuals who want bite-sized and cultural video entertainment, our androind applications provides an interface to view and browse best comedy videos. Niches Targeted: Punjabi (India & Pakistan) American-Africans Arabs Desi (Pakistan, India, & South Asia) Highlights and Milestones I will post more information regarding the milestones and learnings here. Project Timeline – Android Apps Coming Soon Learnings – Android Apps Coming Soon Niche Communities Are Undeserved Watch-List of Startups Coming Soon