A guide to Internal Product Management

Unfortunately, the field of product management does not shed much light on the internal products – ones that are used by the back-office or admin to support the external products or services that customers buy.

For example, we are likely very familiar with buying amazon kindle books as a consumer but do you ever know how the back-office or admin software interface support to manage these books on amazon (where do they upload, change pricing, API vs GUI, etc)?

Due to lack of articles on internal product management, I am writing this post is to honor these internal product managers who work hard to build internal products and my experience with it so far.

To begin, the following two articles are fundamental reads for internal product managers;

  1. Managing Internal vs External Products
    – Focuses on explaining the key differences and similarities in priorities, focus, and requirements between internal and external products.
  2. Product Management Skills for Non-Revenue Product OwnersStarts from fundamentals of types of internal projects and focuses on skills and best-practises on each of them.

As I continue to work as an internal product manager, I hope to write down learnings and post them here in the near future.

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