Hi, I am Jawwad.

Welcome to the “The Forever Learning Journey”

Jawwad Siddiqui - Welcome

Why I started this blog?

“Forever Learning”, the name of this blog, came about with the realization that the journey of learning never ends. What started as an attempt to “figure out life” turned into the forever learning journey.

It has served as a place to pause, reflect, and learn throughout my journey as an immigrant, student, adulthood, starting a company, reflecting on birthdays, becoming a journal keeper, and for what the future holds.

These learnings have taken the shape of articles, mastering the skill of keeping a journal, personal experiments, and projects.

Who am I? What I know is that; My name is Jawwad Siddiqui. I enjoy “Forever Learning” and building products that solve problems. For the rest, I am figuring that out as I learn and grow through life.

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Forever Learning,

Jawwad Siddiqui

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