Hi, I am Jawwad Siddiqui.

Welcome to the “The Forever Learning Journey”

Jawwad Siddiqui - Welcome

About this blog

How do you learn throughout the journey of life?

“Forever Learning” started with a series of contemplations as I tried to answer the above question. Having just landed in an alien country with everything new to learn, I realized that the journey of learning never ends and over the years adapted to forever learning principles.

Ever since then, this blog has mirrored my own journey as an adult – immigrant, student, adulthood, starting a company, reflecting on birthdays, keeping a journal, and working on projects.

The writings have taken to categories of;

  • 30-Day Self Experiments – identify and pick the most impactful self-improvement and apply that for 30-days.
  • Building Zero to One Products – go from an idea to reality and do everything in between.
  • Learnings from Projects (aka full-time job) – in the role of a product manager, learn and extract insights from being exposed to an industry and customers.

About Jawwad Siddiqui

Once upon a time, before moving to the developed world (I am in Canada!), I grew up in the developing world. The challenges in that part of the world is where I learned the value of hard work and solving problems.

So, when I came to Canada, this blog served as an outlet for me to learn, reflect and grow through the journey of life.

This blog reflects my interests of effective (not the click-bait) self-improvement and building products from zero to one (some call that entrepreneurship).

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