Understanding Tik Tok’s Recommendation Algorithm (worth $30 billion)

TikTok’s valued around $20-$30 billion dollars with more than 800 million active users (100 million monthly active users in US). What makes the product worth $30 billion dollars? Besides the user base, I believe it’s the algorithm. We know now more about the algorithm in Tik Tok’s recent suit filing against the US government. How does Tik Tok’s Algorithm work? Let’s dive into how the algorithm works. Overview of the Algorithm TikTok’s algorithm uses machine learning to identify what content

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Ultimate Guide for Internal Product Management (with examples)

Ultimate Guide for Internal Product Management

Unfortunately, the field of product management does not focus enough on the product management of internal products. These internal products (aka admin portal or internal tools) are used by almost all software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to support their customer-facing (external) products. The focus of this blog post is to provide an ultimate guide for current and aspiring internal product managers. It is based on my experience of managing internal products at Checkout51, LookbookHQ, and other product management projects. What is internal

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