Understanding the decline of Zellers – a discontinued retailer

Throughout highschool, I had the good fortune of working at Zellers – a discontinued Canadian retailer. After three years of working there, I was handed a termination letter – stating the the store was closing down. Infact, almost all Zellers were closing down as they were sold to Target – an American retailer expanding into Canada. Naturally, I was curious as to what happened to this Retailer and what I could learn from it. Here is what I articulated. Events

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Understanding Google’s Investment in JD.com

Google just made a move to rival Amazon by investing $0.55B in the Chinese online retailer, JD.COM (second largest chinese online retailer after Alibaba). Why is it interesting? Because its Advertising (Google) + Retail (JD.com) coming together to form a mutually beneficial partnership.  Partnership Benefits for Google and JD.com This is how each party WINS: “Relevant” advertising of Products If Google know’s what JD.com customers like and buy, it can advertise relevant products to the mass population. Once the interest is

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Objective and Purpose of Loyalty Card Programs

Loyalty programs are deliberate marketing efforts that influence customers’ buying behaviour. In short, these programs aim to influence users to buy more from products listed under the loyalty program – in addition to or instead of non-loyalty program products. These programs go by the names of: rewards program, savings club, points program, gold membership etc. However, programs like Costco’s membership and Amazon prime do not fall under the same category. They are unique “privilege loyalty programs” and I hope to

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