Understanding the decline of Zellers – a discontinued retailer

Throughout highschool, I had the good fortune of working at Zellers – a discontinued Canadian retailer. After three years of working there, I was handed a termination letter – stating the the store was closing down. Infact, almost all Zellers were closing down as they were sold to Target – an American retailer expanding into Canada. Naturally, I was curious as to what happened to this Retailer and what I could learn from it. Here is what I articulated. Events

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Understanding Google’s Investment in JD.com

Google just made a move to rival Amazon by investing $0.55B in the Chinese online retailer, JD.COM (second largest chinese online retailer after Alibaba). Why is it interesting? Because its Advertising (Google) + Retail (JD.com) coming together to form a mutually beneficial partnership.  Partnership Benefits for Google and JD.com This is how each party WINS: “Relevant” advertising of Products If Google know’s what JD.com customers like and buy, it can advertise relevant products to the mass population. Once the interest is

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