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  • Good afternoon to one very special guy. You my friend have always been one of my fav’s, you were alway very respectul, always put a smile on my face. You were a very hard working employee, I had no dought you would make all your wishes and dreams come true for you. You are a very strong man, and did not let the not so kind people of this world stand in your way of who you were and what you wanted in your life.I beleave all good comes to those who stand tall, and always beleaved in carma . I would never lower myself for unkind people. You are a very amassing person. You would make any parent so proud to have you as their son. I am very proud of you, and have never forgotten you. Stay strong and beleave you are deserving of all the best things life has to offer you. May you always have much love in your heart, and piece of mind.
    Your friend always
    and forever
    Sandra Claus <3

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