Time-Tested Cure for Procrastination

Summary: Overcoming one’s preconceived ideal is the cure for procrastination prior to goal setting.

In my quest to overcome procrastination, I came across content that mostly focused on goal setting.

Content like “Set this goal and do this to overcome procrastination!”

However, even after implementing these goal setting strategies, I still found myself procrastinating.

Why was it so central to me? What’s causing it?

I realized that despite having goals to meet my mind still looped in fear. Fear of failing and fear of difficult or confusing task.

I realized the root problem was having a preconceived ideal. Ideal that we will be successful, work will be comfortable, and we will know what we are doing.

For example, lets talk about Cindy. She is a banker turned into full-time entrepreneur. However, she finds herself truly paralyzed with the uncertainty of running a business.

Lessons Learned

How can she overcome the ideal?

Just let it go and accept uncertainty. Life is not designed to be lived easily. How else will hard work be rewarded? Life is not meant to be lived in one’s comfort zone. How else will one grow? You are not suppose to know what lies ahead. How else would we go on adventures?

Once we accept that its is our ideal that holds us back we can slowly begin to nurture our brains to start thinking so.

Overcoming one’s preconceived ideal is the cure for procrastination prior to goal setting.

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