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  • thankyou for your blog. It is very interesting. I used to journal in my 20s a lot and i stopped in my thirties … I want to restart . I have seen that whenever i wrote strong post it notes and placed for myself like FOCUS, you can do it and set time to regularly medidate and write what i did that day and i monitored myself for weeks sometimes and identified pain points and i worked better when i internalized it and kept it to myself. I live with my parents and i feel ashamed now to do the same ….

  • Hi Jawwad I really like your expression failing forward! I’m wondering how or if you decide there too many barriers? For me being active and keeping fit is very important but I know I can’t stand gyms! So instead I walk or dance or enter fundraising events to motivate me and help others. My fit bit tracker has connected me with walkers all over the world and we have friendly competitions too, that really spurs me on!

    • You bring up a good point and something I agree with too. Focusing on the outcome is important and not just the activity. For example, you dance and walk whereas I bike and workout – both activities achieve the same outcome of living a healthy life which impacts all other areas of life!

      • Yes ☺ and another way to view it is to figure out what the underlying need is that you want to meet and then look at your best options to help you achieve it. Ive just had this vision of doors instead of hurdles. I will draw it in my journal…Thankyou for your inspiration.

  • I really love the idea and have many times tried in many areas of my life, sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn´t. What I find hard is that I often end up doing it alone because I don´t seem to find people that can help me and held me accountable for my actions. I know it´s my job but, I know, at times, two is better than one.

    Any suggestions on how to do it so I can truly find partners/support for these kind of changes?


    btw: You are a truly handsome man.

    • Hey, that is a very valid question. I am happy that you are so self-aware that you know having good accountability friends can help you excel further.

      Here are some tips to do that (I follow them too):
      1. Call Your Closest Friend / Mentor / Family Member – Talk to them about it and say that you want them to hold you accountable for it.
      2. Join our Facebook group – There are many people who want an accountable buddy too. I am sure that I can help you find one! https://www.facebook.com/groups/dailyjournalhabit/

      Hope to see you around! 🙂

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