Fail to Succeed


Summary: As kids, we fail to succeed. As adults, we fail to fail.

Not very long ago, I dreaded fear. I still do.

Its hardwired into all of our brains.

However, my thought process about fear has altered a little.

Many of my friends are psychology nerds.

Thanks to them, I have realized the following;

  1. As kids we fail to succeed. We break things, fall, talk gibberish, poop ourselves, run into walls, and copy others. Essentially, we keep failing until we succeed.

There is no fear of failure. There is no fear of embarrassment.

Don’t believe me? Look back at your baby pics…the one with food all over your face.

  1. As adults we fail to fail. There is fear of failure. There is fear of embarrassment.

Thus, we fail to fail. We don’t try something new. We don’t speak up in fear of embarrassment.

We don’t push ourselves to try new things and fail.

Food for thought

Imagine if you applied the same principle of “failing to succeed” throughout your life. Where will you be?

I truly believe that this thought process can help us turn our dreams into realities.


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