Learnings from Getting Arrested

Its was almost 12:45am and I came back home from a late work shift. I stood outside the entrance door and reached into my pocket for the keys.

I could not find them. I took off my backup and searched inside. Still, they were no where to be found.

Instead of ringing the buzzer to get the entrance door opened by whoever was home, I decided to avoid the embarrassment of having lost my keys and find my own way inside.

There was a fire-exit at the back of my building where people usually stuck something in the door to keep it open and smoked all kinds of stuff there.

Thus, I went all the way around the building to this door that was going to save the day.

I slipped my fingers into the crack and tried opening the door. Bummer, it was closed.

So, thinking I was superman, I continued to get a kick out of it by savagely trying to open it.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I see a cop car accelerate from across the street onto the foot-path and into the park and stopping literally an inch beside me.

The tires were covered with grass from the park and the car’s flash spot light blinded me.

A fair skinned cop stepped out of the car with one hand on his utility belt and cornered me.

“Sir, please step aside and put your hands where I can see them”

He asked me what was in my backpack and why was I trying to break into the building….

Now, how was I suppose to explain to the cop that I am trying to break into my own house?

After a few back and forth, I had to call out my father to testify that I am his son and reside here.

The cop told me that I fit the description of a crack dealer that is known for selling drugs around this area.

He is know to enter from back exit doors and usually carries a backpack just like me.

I promise I am not a crack dealer and I do not know rob-ford but almost getting arrested for one did teach me some lessons; 

  1. Do not overcomplicate things. I should have just rang the bell and asked my dad to open the door.
  2. Accept your mistakes. I did not want to tell my dad that I had misplaced the keys.
  3. Think it through. I knew that exit was the spot for all kinds of smokers. Heck, I could even smell it there.
  4. Action speak louder than words: Despite my intentions, my actions were of a crack dealer.




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