How to “Grow” Through Life (not “Go”)

We go about our daily lives without thinking twice about what occupies our schedule. We don’t grow through life.

I used to think that if I just kept myself busy with school, work, or hobbies only then will I “grow” through life.

By doing so I would be better in school, better at my work, and dedicate more time to my hobbies.

However, it didn’t work out to be that way!

Keeping myself busy with school (i.e., highlight or read notes) did not necessarily give me that “growing” feeling.

The same was true with work and hobbies.

This experience got me to consciously realize that I was keeping myself busy with “not important and not urgent” activities.


Let me show you visually with my beAutiFuL handwriting … 🙂


However, if one wants to “grow” through life they sould take out time for “important and not urgent” activities.

These include maintaining your health, changing your habits, committing to future goals, and planning ahead. All these things are very important but not urgent.

Here is my attempt to categories activities that consume my schedule.


Are you Growing through life or just “going”?

PS: Disclaimer! It is up to you how you value and classify activities. For example, school maybe “important and urgent” for you.


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