Hirebench – building a video-first hiring tool from 0 to 12 merchants

Hirebench was an innovative applicant tracking system with a video-first approach in 2013. Yes, it was much ahead of its time as video interviewing was not as common as it is nowadays.

Problem faced by hiring managers

Hiring managers at quick-serve restaurants (think fast food like McDonalds) want to pre-screen candidates so they only focus on qualified candidates.

Currently, they would go through a backlog of text-based resume which would not showcase their interpersonal skills (a must for service industry) or answer qualifying questions such as their availabilities to work – day, night, or evenings etc.

Solving the problem with Hirebench

Hirebench.com was a software application for hiring managers who want to pre-screen job applicants before the interview. Our web-based hiring process used video screening technology and customized interviewing questions to do just that.

Visit Hirebench’s Website (Archive)

Note: Our value proposition evolved overtime as we did more customer development.

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