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  • Very interesting, I’m now taking care of my nutrition but I find it hard to have the motivation to excercise. Also wanted to start meditating but I don’t know where to start.

    • Best way is to start slowly Sheila and don’t expect yourself to be doing diet, exercise, and meditation all at the same time. You got diet taken care of now start with MINIMAL of exercise – go for a walk, dance at home, or workout at home (then slowly go to more advanced things such as gym or outside running!).

      Starting with MINIMAL allows you to build momentum.

      For meditation, I recommend the same. There are way too many meditation philosophies out there. Start with the very basics / minimal – (if you are religious) go to the church/mosque/temple/synagogue. If that does not apply or is inconvenient, start with Transcendental Meditation – it is the easiest and best one to practice (I have tested others).

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