How to Stop Constant Worry

Despite all your worries, life will be OK.

You are walking down the street and to your exam; worried about what will be on it.

You are nervous if the chapter you skipped will be on the exam. Upon passing your friends and neighbors, the brief forced smile does not help either.

After the exam, you are worried about your final grade, GPA, and even admission to graduate school.

Aside school, you worry about personal life. How you do, how you compare to others, and things that you miss out on.

Do not worry. You are not alone.

The strangers you passed in that walk to the exam, they had the same worries.

Lessons Learned

Despite all these worries, your life will be OK.

We are hardwired to worry about things – a survival instinct. Thus, we worry about what might go wrong – the bad outcomes only.

These bad outcomes are very unlikely to come true.

Even if they do, you will be OK.

Here is a test. Write down the things you were worried about in the past. School? Love life? Career? Savings? Now, in all of those cases what happened? It turned out fine. The world did not stop spinning.

If one can acknowledge the role of worry, they can consciously let go of the worry state. One can begin to appreciate worry in a way that it doesn’t cripple you.

This way you can walk down the street with an infectious smile on your face, shoulders tucked high, and brain focused on NOW.

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