This page is a working journal to link all of my external mentions on the web at one place. You will find my articles, social media links, and everything in between.

Jawwad Siddiqui’s Articles

The first article is from Queen’s university that talks about my work while being there

Queen’s University

The business plan competition I won at Queen’s School of Business

This is my private archive the collect all web mentions. Feel free to explore the stories above. I will be updating this page every now and then when new mentions come across.

In all frankness, I do feel that its good to keep track of one’s performance so he or she can strive to improve it every time. If you cannot measure it, you cannot optimize it.

In this blog you will find me writing about anything and everything that I learn from day-to-day experiences. The experiences that help shape life and motivate me to get more from it. Life is the most unique and finite experience humans have.

Writing, art, and connect deeply with other human beings somehow seems to get lost as we spend more and more time inside the walls and in front of a screen (just like how I am doing at this very moment).

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