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  • Heyyy ! Thanks for putting this here❤️🥺… I felt so left out, unwanted and unloved .. but reading this gives me a hope that there’s more to birthdays… And I’m going to have the best year of my life… Hope you all do too !

  • Wow
    This is a brilliant article Jawwad.
    Im going to be celebrating my 20th birthday tomorrow, and since i have an exam tomorrow, all my friends are busy. Student life is tough especially when away from family. i was also feeling quite insecure about not having any friends to celebrate my day with, but reading your article really helped me feel better. I guess im not alone. And now atleast i have one thing to do after my exam tomorrow, to reflect and write.
    Thank you so much,
    A stranger

  • Thank you , Your words are wise and have truely helped me be aware of the moment! My Birthday is tomorrow and I was feeling alone, sad, forgotten by loved one’s and Friends. My B.F. Does not get me a card or gift ……Very Selfish So…..why do I choose Him? I guess I don’t feel worthy of real Love ?????? I will make my Birthday Special on my Own…… I LOVE your journal idea. It only takes one person to make a difference in another’s Life ….. Pay it forward ….. Random acts of Kindness. YOU ,have done this for me ….. I am grateful I read your blog , it’s my first Birthday Wush ! God Bless You, Laura Coventry

  • Hey we have the same Birthdays . I will be alone for my BD too this year. Where are you? Maybe we can share a BD Drink?

    • This thread came up… cause I wanted to die today and it’s Funny we share the same birthday Feb 9th… made me stop and rethink life… it’s okay to be alone.

      • Lynn, happy to “e-meet” someone who shares the same birthday as me! Please take care of yourself and feel free to reach out to me for a chat 🙂

        Don’t feel down, there always something we can find to strive towards.

  • Celebrating one’s birthday is just one day. What about travelling all alone? I have started this 2 years ago. Believe me, it’s recharging! Some days I just walk and not say even a word. Or sometimes I’m happy to chat with locals. It’s like giving value to word and time.

  • i also do self-reflection during my birthday. 3 years ago i started to go to places where i wanted to celebrate my birthday on my own. and it became an addiction, an annual ritual. pure solitude.

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