I am not perfect (Are You?)

Summary: We should not try so hard to just make our lives seem perfect via social media and marketing media. Instead, we should embrace our imperfections and vulnerabilities and try to begin working on them. Just like how we did with racism and gender equality.

After making a mistake, do you cover it up by saying it meant nothing to you? I am not perfect.

How many times have you given up on something or someone in the fear of embarrassing yourself?

The tweets, facebook pictures, or instagrams. Do they really paint your true picture?

Do you prefer texting over phone call? Phone call over skype?

Many people ask me why I am not very active on social media – twitter, facebook etc. I think that social media lacks the very essence of what makes us human – vulnerabilities and imperfections.

Many on twitter and facebook don’t like making themselves vulnerable. They only post their best (photoshopped) pictures. Share stories that they know the “society” will like.

Social media becomes the mask to cover imperfections and our vulnerabilities. We all know how marketing media tries to portray an average person’s life – something far from reality.

However, the truth is that everyone in so called “society” is made up of imperfections and vulnerabilities.

Imagine the day each of us lets go of this mask and communicates our true selves? Without a doubt, gradually others will follow.

Society as a whole will embrace imperfections and vulnerabilities.

It is okay to feel overweight, have self-doubt, feel lonely, nervous, stressed, self-conscious or other humanly acts.

As the saying goes, “Its not that the hero and coward feel different. They feel the same way. its how they respond that makes the different” – Anonymous.

For example, people assume that because I write self-improvement posts I have no imperfections or vulnerabilities.

I do. I always will and so did Einstein, Prophets, and rest of humanity.

We can never get rid of them but we can begin to more openly embrace them. Just like how we embraced racial and gender difference.

Society should not try hard to make it seem that their lives are perfect – social media and marketing media. Instead, we should embrace our imperfections and vulnerabilities and try hard to begin working on them.

One cannot help but imagine the emotional impact of such phenomenon on the humanity as a whole.

Test: Your best friendships are formed on basis of vulnerability and imperfection. You help aid each others problems and grow together.

Credits: The Power of Vulnerability

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