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Understanding Google’s Investment in

Google just made a move to rival Amazon by investing $0.55B in the Chinese online retailer, JD.COM (second largest chinese online retailer after Alibaba). Why is it interesting? Because its Advertising (Google) + Retail ( coming together to form a mutually beneficial partnership.  ContentsPartnership Benefits for Google and“Relevant” advertising of ProductsSearch Engine Exposure Increased Competition Against Rivals Partnership Benefits for Google and This is how each party WINS: “Relevant” advertising of Products If Google know’s what customers like

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Book Summary: Designing Your Life by Dave Evans

The book, Designing Your Life by Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, aims to use the framework of design thinking to address the “wicked problem” (i.e big problems) of designing your life. I was particularly intrigued by the book due to its focus on using the journal and writing as a tool to designing your life. Below is the book summary and notes by each chapter of the book. ContentsStart Where You AreBuilding a CompassWayfindingGetting UnstuckDesign Your LivesPrototypingHow Not to Get

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Should you focus on quantity or quality of work?

Anyone who produces something, including myself, experiences the conflict between the quality and the quantity of work. Should I produce more work (quantity) or better (quality) work? Whether it be writing a new blog post, sending another email, reading more books, another sales call or meeting more people. If one focuses on the quality of work alone, they risk not producing enough, taking too long, or procrastinating. On the other hand, if one focuses on quantity alone they may risk

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Summary of Health for Hire by Christensen Institute

Summary of "Heath for Hire" by Christensen's Institute

Clayton Christensen’s Institute has published insightful reports for aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs and leaders. In an earlier blog post, I summarized Christensen’s report on healthcare innovation, “How disruptive innovation can finally revolutionize Healthcare” (2017). In this blog post, I will summarize another one of their reports on healthcare, “Health for hire: unleashing patient potential to reduce chronic disease costs” (October 2017) Executive summary and overview of the report America’s epidemic of chronic disease affects more than half of the American population and

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