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Has salesforce disrupted the CRM market against SAP AG?

This is the third blog post on the series to understand and evaluate technologies with disruptive potential in the software industry. In the first blog post, we summarized a pragmatic framework by Keller and Hüsig (2009) to help evaluate the potential of disruption between two software companies. In the second post, we applied that framework to the example of Google Docs (web application based) and Microsoft office (primarily desktop software based) – two formidable players in the office productivity tools’

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Is Google Docs disrupting Microsoft Office?

Disruptive competition - Google Drive vs Microsoft Office

Previously, I summarized Keller and Husig’s (2009) framework for evaluating disruptive potential of a software. In this post, I will attempt to summarize how they applied that framework to their case study of Google vs Microsoft for their office applications. First, its important to remember that “Disruption is a process, not an event, and innovations can only be disruptive relative to something else” (Clayton Christensen). Therefore, we will evaluate the process of Google Docs potentially disrupting Microsoft Office. By the

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Forecasting a disruptive innovation in the software industry

Previously, I studied the works of Clayton Christensen on disruptive innovation. In this post, I will be building on those notes with a specific focus of attempting to forecast the disruptive innovations in the software industry. Framework to forecasting the disruptive innovation in Software Keller and Hüsig (2009) noted that there is “a lack of definite frameworks for [forecasting] identification of disruptive innovations”. Thus, they developed a new framework to answer their thesis question of “whether web applications post a

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Understanding Disruptive Innovation in B2B SaaS

Previously, we chronologically reviewed the works of Clayton Christensen on disruptive innovation. In this post, I will be focusing on the “disruptive innovation” at play in business-to-business (B2B) software as a service (SaaS). There are now a handful of B2B SaaS companies that started at the “low-end of the market” (Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen) by focusing on small-to-medium businesses (SMB). Why is that the case? Does Christensen’s theories explain this? According to Tomasz, Partner at Redpoint, “I believe we’re seeing

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8 Scientific Concepts that Should be Better Known asks an annual question to the world’s “most complex and sophisticated minds” and reports on their insightful answers. In 2017, the annual question was “What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?” Below, I share a selection of 8 responses (out of 206) that I found to be thought-provoking. 1. The Trolley Problem of Moral Philosophy Original response by Daniel Rockmore “The Trolley Problem” is another thought experiment, one that arose in moral philosophy. There are

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