Sharpscholar – building an edtech startup from 0 to 1,500 students

Sharpscholar began as a project in undergrad to solve a problem I faced as a student. I wanted to be able to ask professors specific questions about a topic or discuss a real-life example but couldn’t find an effective way. Doing it via email, office hours, or in-person wasn’t always beneficial as it excluded other students who could contribute to the discussion. Fast forward, Sharpscholar was born.

Sharpscholar in Numbers and Highlights

  • Build the product for 0 to 1,500 students and 0 to $250,000 in revenues in 14 months (long sale cycles)
  • Worked with the Ontario’s best and award winning teachers to create a new category of software – “Active Learning Software”

What problem did sharpscholar solve?

For teachers who need a summary of their student’s understanding, our software, SharpScholar, acts as a virtual teaching assistant by giving teachers real-time data on what is being learned, missed, & why.

Learn more about the sharpscholar’s products and customer case studies.

Relevant Learnings and blog post from building Sharpscholar

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