What is this project about? Worked as a Senior Product Manager at Wattpad to help monetize (from freemium to paid) the product that has a global community of 70M+ readers and writers. Particularly, focusing on the user-monetization on the platform – via virtual economy, ads, and subscription. Why work at Wattpad? Joining Wattpad and going back to the broad media space has been of keen interest to me because: Interested in learning and contributing to the evolution of value-exchange on

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What Worked as a technical product manager to help build innovative products at Coinsquare. Why Coming from a traditional commerce and computer science background, I wanted to explore the intersection of these two fields to experiment creating new innovative products in FinTech. Learning Objectives Understand the Technology behind the “Cryptoasset” – Blockchain, Bitcoin etc Explore and understand the use cases (problems it solves) of cryptoassets Unanswered Questions What are some examples of deep problems being solved by the cryptoasset space? What

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LookBookHQ (aka PathFactory)

Project - LookBookHQ

Below, I will capture the project fundamentals (what, why, how etc) of being a Product Manager at LookBookHQ so that I can apply the forever learning principles to this project. Overview of Product Management at LookBookHQ What? I am currently working as a Product Manager at LookBookHQ. Why Product Manager at LookBookHQ? I am excited about pursuing this project for three reasons; Build upon learnings from SharpScholar Project – The core-product at LookBookHQ solves an identical job for its users. However,

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Checkout 51 (acquired by News Corp.)

Overview of Product Management at Checkout 51 Let me start by clarifying the project fundamentals (i-e what, when, and why) of my work at Checkout 51. What? After shutting down my previous software startup, I wanted to continue building my career in product management in a different environment so I joined Checkout 51 (acquired by News America Marketing) as a product manager. Why Checkout 51? I decided to join Checkout 51 because of my interest in the intersection of retail, consumer product goods (CPG), and consumers.

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Overview of the “Hirebench” Project What was hirebench? Hirebench.com was a software application for hiring managers who want to pre-screen job applicants before the interview. Our web-based hiring process used video screening technology and customized interviewing questions to do just that. I was the number one employee at the three person startup founded by former industry experts. Visit Hirebench’s Website (Archive) Note: Our Value Proposition Evolved Overtime alongside Customer Development.

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