What is this project about? Worked as a Senior Product Manager at Wattpad to help monetize (from freemium to paid) the product that has a global community of 70M+ readers and writers. Particularly, focusing on the user-monetization on the platform – via virtual economy, ads, and subscription. Why work at Wattpad? Joining Wattpad and going back to the broad media space has been of keen interest to me because: Interested in learning and contributing to the evolution of value-exchange on

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SharpScholar - Jawwad Siddiqui

Project Type: Full-Time Startup (2013-Current) Project Story: I wanted to combine my business school education and interest in building products in a challenging project. Thus, I gathered a team to build SharpScholar from an idea to $100,000 annual recurring revenue in less than 12 months. This page serves as a place where I will post my learnings and reflections from this project. SharpScholar’s Unique Value Proposition: For teachers who need visual representation of their student’s understanding, our software, SharpScholar, acts as a virtual

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