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Below, I will capture the project fundamentals (what, why, how etc) of being a Product Manager at LookBookHQ so that I can apply the forever learning principles to this project.

Overview of LookBookHQ Product - Source and More Details
Overview of LookBookHQ Product – Source and More Details

Overview of Product Management at LookBookHQ


I am currently working as a Product Manager at LookBookHQ.

Why Product Manager at LookBookHQ?

I am excited about pursuing this project for three reasons;

  1. Build upon learnings from SharpScholar Project – The core-product at LookBookHQ solves an identical job for its users. However, SharpScholar was in the higher-ed space whereas LookBookHQ is in the B2B space.
  2. Founding Team and its Vision – I was inspired by the founding team and how they have grown the company to-date. I wanted to join them towards their march towards achieving a vision that I shared from my past experience in SharpScholar.
  3. Product’s Stage and Startup Challenges – Lastly, it is solving problems (risks, hypothesis, and experimentation) that excites me about startups. This project (and most startups) have those baked into them.

I am looking forward to focusing on this project and update this page with learnings and major projects – similar to Checkout51 Project.

Major Lessons Learned

Work in Progress.

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