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Note: This project just started, thus, this page is a work-in-progress. ?

What is this project about?

Working as a Senior Product Manager at Wattpad to help continue building the product that has a global community of 70M+ readers and writers.

Why work at Wattpad?

Joining Wattpad and going back to the broad media space has been of keen interest to me because:

  • Interested in learning and contributing to the evolution of value-exchange on the internet (beyond just ads). For example, the evolution of subscription (netflix, spotify, etc) to micro-payments or in-app-purchases (e.g games like league of legends and fortnight)
  • Media (aka storytelling and entertainment) is central and arguably the most used and influential part of the internet. How can I contribute to helping it make it better for the rest?
  • Building onto my learnings (projects) from Checkout51 (acquired by News Corp) – and JournalingHabit.com (personal media project).

Beyond the above reasons and learning goals, I have admired the leadership team and culture (how work gets done) of Wattpad. I am excited to be part of the team and build the product at Wattpad!

Learnings and Blog Posts

Note: Here, I aim to post blog posts and learnings from this project.

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