Recap of 2018’s Blog Posts

With 2018 coming to a close, here is a recap of the blogs on this forever learning blog. Doing this recap allows me to revisit the learnings and add more colour to it.

Overall, I did much less public-facing blogging that I have been able to do in the previous years. The reason behind that is primarily because other projects have been consuming more of my time and focus. Planning ahead, I hope to increase my overall public-facing blogging output in 2018.

Below, I have broken down the writings into personal and professional development.


Personal Development Writings

Personal development writings (and focus) remained on getting more disciplined in daily rituals. That is, instead of trying to choke on infinite personal development tips, focus on a few and get good with them via personal experiments.

1. Should you focus on quantity or quality of work?

Blog Post:

Background and summary: In almost every aspect of life we are faced with a dilemma of quantity or quality. A lot of shallow friendships or fewer deep friendships? Alot of time-boxed creative output (blog posts, drawing, poetry, making things) or few quality outputs? Read a lot of books quickly or soak-in a few books?

In this blog post, I attempted to article and decide which approach is overall more beneficial in the long run (hint: it’s a combination).

2. Book Summary: Designing Your Life by Dave Evans

Blog Post:

Background and summary: Few books are as practical and pragmatic (with worksheets) as Dave Evans’ Designing Your Life. The thought process of the book resonated with my previous writings of 8 Different Areas of Life to Improve and 6 Powerful Levels of Change that Actually Last. Thus, I wanted to build on that mental model of thinking.

In this blog post, I attempted to summarize his key worksheets that I then tried and tested (still testing) in my daily journal.

3. 5 Critical Self-Development Lessons Learned in 2018

Blog Post:

Background and summary: Each year, I attempt to “abstract” away critical principles that can provide some guidance for the year ahead. This year, these are the 5 critical lessons I am hoping to put into practice in 2019.

Professional (Work) Related Writings

Professional (work) writings (and focus) remained on getting familiar with a new space – crytocurrency and product management (building the product that customers want).

4. Book Summary of Cryptoassets by Chris B. & Jack T.

Blog Post:

Background and summary: One of my first reads as I began working in the crypto space as a product manager (help build what customers want). The book is a satisfactory introduction (however, a bit pro-bitcoin biased) to bitcoin as an investment asset/product.

In this blog post, I summarized to book in an attempt to understand their case for supporting and endorsing bitcoin as an investment asset.

5. Understanding Microsoft’s Acquisition of Github

Blog Post:

Background and summary: Big acquisitions reveal important insights about the acquirer’s product strategy. Thus, when Microsoft acquired Github, I wanted to try to understand where Microsoft was coming for and what their product roadmap (and product-portfolio) looked like for the future.

In this blog post, I tried to justify that Microsoft has reaped its rewards from the window’s ecosystem (i-e Office, Serves, OSs, etc) and now want’s to be agnostic (i-e you use apple? No worries, we still want to see you products).

6. Understanding Google’s Investment in 

Blog Post:

Background and summary: Similar to the acquisition note above, Google’s investment in (china’s second largest online retailer) was particularly intriguing. A direct hedge against amazon for e-commerce? I think so.

In this blog post, I attempted to explain how Google could possibly benefit from this investment in the foreseeable future.

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