Hi! On this page, I will convince you to give me a call for an initial phone screening interview for the Senior Product Manager position - so we can make the decision on how and if we can help each other going forward!

Jawwad Siddiqui 
Passionate Product Manager

Why am I reaching out to specifically you at Intuit?

Well, I only want to work on products that I am extremely passionate about because we have a social obligation as product managers. Now this is why I am passionate about Intuit products;

  • Consumer of Your Products: I love and have used your products - Mint, QuickBooks and TurboTax - which already has my brain filled with things I would want to improve. 
  • Product Philosophy: I have operated with "Jobs Theory" for product management - even better - I have learned the lessons of what it is like to not follow them. In many of the books I read about Jobs Theory, it is satisfying to see Intuit mentioned in many of them. 

I will explain a lot more as to why I am a good fit for this position on our call. My resume is below! Looking forward to chatting soon.

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