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  • I don’t have an issue with you failing to succeed in ed-tech — but it was great to see someone care and try. But I do have a problem with the way you’re defacto stating lessons largely targeted towards OTHER ed-tech businesses/companies. (many still operational!)

    This comes across as misguided and petty at best. At worst it could be potentially harmful to anyone thinking of getting in to the market and looking for “advice”. Perhaps focusing more on the specifics of what went wrong would have been a better approach for them.

  • I had a great time reading this article, Jawwad. A few nits:
    “all kids of startup models”
    “how the big guys […?]”
    “You product”

    More importantly, I’m curious what you thought about how tech could be used to simplify back office / admin operations in education. Teachers are still communicating using paper attendance sheets, field trip forms, and grade books. Although there are lots of independent efforts to create platforms for teachers to interact with students (learnboost, chalk schools, school loop, etc), few have gained wide adoption. Would you attribute this to the fragmentation issue you mentioned?

    • Qiming, you got a good eye for errors! Thankyou, I have fixed them.

      Yes, the digitization of back office / admin operations in education (most importantly in K-12 in NA) is an opportunity startups and established companies are trying to tackle.

      Note: I will focus on more teacher facing digitization of attendance sheets, trip forms, grade books etc as you mentioned as there is many niches of back office / admin operations in education.

      Yes, few of them have gained traction due to the fragmentation issue, adding more work, and increasing complexity for teachers (because they are interdependent and in a cultured environment).

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