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  • Another nice post, Jawwad. Keep them coming.

    I did my MBA for a few reasons: to fill the gaps in my business acumen, to gain a credential, and to gain access to networks/resources (namely Queen’s). And 3 years after graduating, I can enthusiastically say I achieved these goals and more.

    And it wasn’t simply because the Queen’s MBA program provided a fantastic experience, it’s because I took the initiative to take full advantage of the services offered, often those considered ‘optional.’

    For example, we have a full coaching program in place with only the team coaching mandatory. I also participated in personal, physical, and career coaching. I became part of the social committee and also co-led the Queen’s contingent at the MBA Games. I blogged as an ambassador on behalf of the program and also offered to welcome and answer questions for prospective students. I also helped judge case competitions involving Queen’s Commerce students.

    While I certainly wasn’t the best student in class (not even close :), I learned a lot, and a good portion of that happened outside of the formal program. No one forced me to participate in these activities, I wanted to because of the more complete experience it provided me.

    Queen’s Commerce students are extremely fortunate to have such a robust set of options for getting involved. For anyone who complains about school and its lack of value or relevance, remember that much learning takes place outside the classroom but it’s up to you to take initiative and take advantage of those opportunities.

  • you are right, most of the students are leaving school because of poor marks . I don’t know any anybody who graduated the university to say that they waste only time and money in university.

    • Well Said. People indeed regret wasting their time or not exploring enough while at colleague. But, I have rarely met anyone who regretted going to school or college at all.

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