How to Talk to Yourself (w/o being crazy)

Facebook, tweeting, instagramming,  or texting – we spend a good portion of our time talking to others. After all, we are social creatures and human.

On the flip side how much time do you spend talking to yourself? (Not being “that guy” that talks in public.)

You see every time you talk to others or consume information on the web you are changing how your brain talks to itself. They affect yours thoughts words actions and eventually habits.

As Lao Tzu puts it;

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch yours words; they become actions.

Watch yours actions; they become habit.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Quiz Yourself: Think back to a task you performed recently that was “influenced” by external factors? Started a new TV Show? etc.


You begin hearing about “Suits” from your friends – facebook, twitter, texting or in-person etc. You start thinking about it (thoughts), to fit in you begin talking about it (words), followed with watching trailers (action), and before you know it you are “OMG! So Addicted!” (habit).


There is nothing wrong with the scenario above – its how we learn from fellow humans and form societies, cultures, and traditions. However, in today’s information age, as long as you are doing it consciously.

External factors don’t take into consideration your internal factors – goals and priorities. It is your job to talk to yourself and filter it out.


I talk to myself through writing (such as this), tweeting to myself, and talking out loud (yes, being “that guy” on the street) – it is worth it. It makes me focused on my priorities and prevents brain’s tendency to indulge in immediate gratification over delayed gratification.

Lessons Learned

  • Be self-aware of your thoughts, words, actions, and habits.
  • Reinforce your goals & priorities over external factors by talking to yourself.
  • By default, your brain will choose immediate gratification over delayed gratification.

Those are my learnings from talking to myself. Begin talking to yourself by commenting below 🙂

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