How to Turn Around a Bad Day

If life’s journey is truly full of minor frustrations and setbacks, how can you change your mood or emotions to turn around a bad day? How do you ensure that your mental state is conditioned for maximum productivity regardless of the situation at hand?

Some days start off on the wrong foot – a missed bus, rainy day, no morning coffee, not enough sleep, or an unexpected argument with a loved one. No matter how external the source of your discontent may feel, it is all internal – in your head. It is within your control and feeling discontent is a decision you made subconsciously.

Therefore, instead of slipping down a downward spiral, take charge and try climbing the following ladders;

1. Accept that Setbacks and Uncertainties are Part of the Journey

2. Pure joy is in the journey, rather than just reaching the destination.

3. Catch the Emotion that Slips in Subconciously – Regularly monitor your emotional and body language. Are you stressed? Hunched? How do you want to feel?

4. Take a moment to be grateful – Change your state by changing your focus. What are you thankful or grateful for? Work, Health, Kids, Loved one, etc. Remind yourself to not take these for granted.

5. Accomplish a Goal – Break the depressed chain by doing a task that your brain records as a victory.

6. Walk AroundEmotion follows motion. Don’t just sit down hunched or your body language will reinforce the stress. Smile. Take deep breathes. Listen to your pump-up music list.

Overtime, this process will become second nature. Most successful people, have a strong muscle to turn any situation around and remain optimal mental state of performance. Now, that is a skill worth mastering!

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