Ups and Downs of 2014

 Summary: Personal Development is slow, uncomfortable, and never-ending.

This year’s review will be a bit different because the year itself was different! It was full of missed goals, lessons learned, and some ups.

Don’t take this post as a Journal of my annual tasks, but rather a reflection of those.

Unlike many other self-development blogs and books, I want to tell my readers about “behind the scenes” instead of editing out non marketable content. For example, I had set some goals for 2014 and failed to meet some of them. Now is the time for me to share those behind the scenes.

5 Biggest Lessons Learned in 2014

  • Smiling – Smiling is the only contagious disease that is worth spreading 🙂
  • Health – Treating your body with proper food and exercise is a full-time job.
  • Brain – Be aware with your “lizard brain” or it will put your thoughts in auto-pilot.
  • Friends – If you want to have strong friendships, minimize texting and maximize calling or in-person chats.
  • Personal Development – It is slow, uncomfortable, and never-ending.

Ups of 2014

  • Gained Weight – Not as much as I wanted to as I’m still skinny but not a “coat hanger” as my cricket coach used to call me.
  • No Pop – Spent 365 days without any pop drinks.
  • Launched a Product – With the help of my amazing team, launched
  • Improved my Vocabulary – A bit of my accent is still there but I speak more clearly now.

Downs of 2014

  • Writing Schedule – I had set the goal to write every Saturday, but failed to do so. Upon reflecting, it was a combination of poor planning and procrastination. I will continue to improve this goal into 2015.
  • Gym – Failed to go three times a week. In busy days, I skipped it or found another excuse.
  • Swimming and Sport – They were on my 2014 to-do list but I failed to do them.
  • Others – This category covers all other setbacks that each of us share. For example; not doing as well in school, personal problems, social drama, or financial constraints. I share some of them too and continue towards improving them.

Lastly, I want to end the review by appreciating you reading my blog or writing back to me. Below are the top 5 posts you liked the most;

Top 5 Posts of 2014

  1. Learnings From Getting Arrested
  2. Coming back from Setbacks
  3. How I almost Betrayed a Friend
  4. What trying to be “Cool” Taught Me
  5. More Money? More Happiness?

🙂 Let’s share a smile for 2015 🙂

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  • I enjoyed the read,
    I definitely can see how improving vocabulary is essential to maybe self-development. But I believe having an accent conveys more emotion and reflects more of the pronunciation of the verbs to convey a more distinguished & memorable individual.

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