Why I want to be a kid again

The other day I was visiting the elementary school across my apartment.

Upon leaving, I noticed the kids in class were just finishing putting their artwork away (mostly scribbles). I could not help but ask, “How many of you are great painters!?”

BOOM! Hands went up like I asked was the candy man!

MeEEeeE!” “Me too!!” “Look at Mine!” “I AM too!” “Seee thissss!” “I AM THE BEST!” – Children’s Enthusiasm

As I walked out and saw my university’s library within eye’s sight and wondered what would the reply be if I had asked a group of grown-ups (professors and students) the same question.

Would I get the same answer?

Kids did not care how good their friend’s work was or what I had to say about their work. On the other hand, I Imagine adults looking at each other and saying, “He is good. Not me!”. Barely any hands would go up. People will be nervous and uncomfortable.

We are all creative believers as children but not as adults. What happens to us?

Something happens.

Remember when you were a kid? You made things up. Climbed a tree without knowing you could hurt yourself. You only cried when you got hurt and were smiling a second before.

As we grow up we begin to let fear, emotions, shyness, nervousness, rationality *insert all other excuses here* hold us back from tapping the inner-creativity that we were born with.

We rationalize out of everything that seems uncomfortable. Am I really good at what I do? No, John is better. Should I talk to that stranger? No. Should I tweet this or that? Nope, no one will retweet me.How would I look if I did this? What will she think of me? Slowly, and gradually, such thoughts influence all aspects of our lives – personal, professional, and social – and changes our view of the world.

I have been guilty of many of those. Plus, a few more.

That is why, sometimes, I want to (pretend to) be a kid again 🙂

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