Why do I Write?

First and foremost, I don’t write with a rock-solid purpose in mind. Simply put, I don’t know what I don’t know.

These are the reasons I continue to write;

  • Self-Articulation: If I don’t write, I think I would go a little crazy. By doing so, I articulate the thoughts that form an endless loop in my mind.
  • Help and Share with You: I am very happy that few other people benefit from what I write.
  • Learn from Others: Am I here to preach my philosophy or view of life to the world, hoping to change it? No, I’m not trying to do that either. My hope is not to convert anyone who disagrees with me. Because if you do disagree, I can learn more from you than otherwise. World would be boring without our differences.
  • Genius is a Collective Effort: In fact, every invention, innovation, science breakthrough or the nobel prize has been a result of collective human effort. Even Einstein cannot be credited for his theories alone. His theories built on decades of previous human thought.

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