Why You Just Got Distracted

Summary: Distractions facilitate procrastination. What is your guilty pleasure?

Just Got distracted, didn’t you? Are you suppose to be here?

Recently,  as work got more stressful, I began procrastinating more. Thus, I tried to self-reflect and fix it. I thought it was because I expected work to be easy and predictable.

I was wrong. I missed the flip side of procrastination.


Distraction is you reading this blog in midst of doing something else. Its the facebook tab open, mobile phone within your reach, videos games, TV or any other guilty pleasure.

For me it was reading online blogs, comic books, and tuning my bike.

Because my work was stressful, these distractions were comfortable and easy. I was good at them (especially batman comic series). I did not have to fear them for failing or uncertainty.

Do you find yourself a victim of distractions for school work? I do too.

There is nothing wrong in indulging in these activities as long as they don’t occur in midst of your work.  Because at that time your mind is just trying to escape from doing hard but rewarding work.

Would you rather enjoy quick but temporary gains of distractions or long term reward of working hard?




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