Year in Review of 2016’s Experiments (for a Better Me)

It is hard to believe that the fun and experiments for 2016 has come to an end. Before I get back into it for 2016, I wanted to take some time and self-reflect on all the self-improvement experiments – as I was the “subject” for each one of them.

By doing so, I want to see what worked well for 2016 and what I can improve on for 2017. It’s already the end of the year, let’s begin;

3 Experiments that Had the Most Impact on me in 2016

Looking through my journal and end of year reflection, it became increasingly clear that some experiments were unsung heroes (or sneaky enemies) for what happened in 2016. So, below I will take a closer look at them in order;

  • Live (Wakeup) and Die (Sleep) by Your Calendar: Without a doubt, the discipline to not only sleep and wake up on time but to do each activity as planned was the most impactful habit for 2016. Even though I was not disciplined 100% of the time (I am human after all) – for the time that I wasn’t disciplined it came with guaranteed rewards. What is a better investment than that?
  • Keeping a daily journal: As the saying goes, “life is not what happens to you but how you respond” (don’t hold me by this quote) – the journal certainly acted like a guide helping me articulate, solve, and plan things as they came up.
  • Strength training three times a week: if there is one area of your life that impact your performance in all other areas – it is your health. Period. This has helped me sleep better, improve my focus, and increase my energy level to get things done throughout the year. It’s

How to Improve personal development experiments for 2017?

It would be hypocritical of me to review experiments without talking about how to improve for 2016 – it is at the core of the forever learning principle. So here is how I will improve personal development experiments for myself and you;

  • Disciplined Blogging of Experiments: As mentioned above, I want to improve my discipline of reflecting and sharing my experiments with you for 2017. I want to send you regular monthly updates to not only help you but to hold myself accountable. Please if you don’t hear from me, write back to me!

With that said, I’ve been a enjoyable (yet uncomfortable) year full of personal growth. Thank you for being an awesome leader and hairs to the 2017!

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