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  • Great post Jay! I am guilty of adopting the paradigm that stellar grades entitle you to success and most lucrative job incomes largely due to the positive reinforcement offered in high school. Looking back, I realize how toxic this worldview is…

    For me, I think its important to develop passions early on in life instead slaving away toward perfect GPAs. Mastering a particular craft (10 000 hr rule), whether it be an instrument, sports or even things like magic, makes it very easy to monetize your nurtured talent.

    Once this opportunity is lost, there’s still hope. I think the next possibility is to investigate big problems and devise solutions to them through entrepreneurship.

    Look forward to your next post!


    • Thanks for the feedback Leo. You couldn’t have said it better.

      Indeed, one should be aware of the fact that the value of GPA is overvalued in our society. However, one should also make sure to not let such conversations serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy for not striving for good grades.

      You just have to find a way to pave your own path and give your absolute best to follow it – instead of just following the path paved out by the society.

      Will keep subscribed to your blog too! Hope you see you around in the near future!

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